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California Section Q: Seiad Valley to Etna Summit - Part II.

Days: 56 - 57.
Dates: August 28 - 29.
Trail mileage: 1029.4 - 1053.4.
Distance: 24.0 miles.

Later that night after putting out the campfire, many of us camped at the same site next to a ranger cabin in a valley. Camping in valleys wasn't so ideal anymore because of how hot it was, but it's always kind of fun to camp with a few other people and hang out before crashing for the night.

Rocky terrain

The next day was tough. It certainly wasn't cooling down. Although none of the climbs were that long (except for that ridiculous one out of Seiad Valley), they were steep. I had multiple times that day where I asked myself if I really wanted to keep hiking.

view from the trail
At least the climbs meant more views like this

Blue and Yahtzee and I had agreed to meet at a campsite, but when I got to the junction where the site was supposed to be, I apparently made the wrong turn (the site wasn't actually on the trail, it was just a little ways off) and stayed on the PCT, so I completely missed it.

I camped alone that night, which I didn't really want to do since it was such a tough day, but I was able to get cell service and learned that I had taken the wrong turn at the junction from Blue. I was just a little bit ahead, and we'd catch up tomorrow.

view from the trail
Tough days, with high pay-offs

I don't think the next day was as tough; either that, or I was just in a better mood because it was town day the day after.

The views on this day were beautiful. I was getting Washington vibes in this part of Northern California, and I wasn't complaining about it. The rocky passes were back, but so were the climbs, and they were kicking my ass.

rocky passes
Missing Washington in California

The sunsets were also blowing my mind. We didn't see too many in Washington because it was so cloudy all the time, and I didn't remember too many in Oregon either, but Northern California was a different story altogether. These were some proper sunsets.

Sunsets were one of my favorite parts of Northern California

People usually get to Etna from Etna Summit, but Jawad was on his way back to Seattle from his drive down to the Bay Area, so he was picking me up from Highway 3 about 40 miles past Etna Summit instead. And I was ready for town because these climbs and the heat weren't exactly making my clothes smell fresh.

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